Welcome to my website

So welcome to my blog! I’ve just spent the past hour writing my About page so please go there if you want to find a little bit more out about me. Basically I’m In my mid 40s, live abroad on a Greek island for 3/4s of the year and don’t have a single real asset to my name – and I couldn’t be happier!

On this blog you will find out quite a lot about my life, quite a lot about Zante and a fair bit about travelling in general. Living somewhere like Zante is not very easy on a limited budget so I will also be sharing some of the tips, tricks and methods that I use in order to save money on travelling here, getting home and of course living on this magnificent island:

Laganas beach from above

Laganas beach from above


I hope you enjoy reading my blog. I would love to hear any fee back from my regular readers so if you like what you read please drop me a line or Tweet me!


About CheekyEd

I upped and left Manchester to live the life I wanted to in Zante. I come back to the UK for three months of the year in order to save some money before going back to Zante and living my dream life again as a tourist rep.

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