A few things to do in Zante

I have lived in Zante for 9 months of the year for the last 8 years now, and I am still just as in love with the place as I was when I first visited. I’ve have been to a few of the other Greek islands but I can honestly say that Zante is the most special out of all of the ones that I have been to. It could have something to do with the fact that this was where I went on my first holiday without my parents in tow, or it could be something else about this lovely island that has charmed me. Either way I am the most happy I have ever been in my entire life and Zante plays a huge part of that.


Being a local I don’t really get involved with all of the tourist activities that much. It goes without saying that on my days off here in the last 8 years I’ve spent quite a few of them playing the tourist and seeing the sights so I don’t think there is much more to see. Although if you’ve never been before, this video has a great list of things to see.

I do know a thing or two about the island though and the best places to visit so I thought it might be useful to someone if I tell you about some of the best places to visit in Zante. There are plenty of other websites that also give you ideas of things to do in Zante, so I’ll just list my personal favourites.

Without a shadow of a doubt Laganas is the best part of Zante. When I moved here I had nothing apart from the clothes that I was wearing, a backpack full of belongings and a couple of thousand pounds (or Euros when used in Zante) in the bank. I went to lots of different places and decided that Laganas was the place for me because quite simply it’s the best part.

If you’re looking to go to Zante on holiday and you’re seeking decent nightlife then Zante has all of that. Just like most of the other Greek islands and summer holiday destinations throughout Euorpe and the rest of the world, Laganas has a main strip and it is absolutely booming throughout the entire tourist season. Out of all the places I’ve been in the world for nightlife, Zante is probably the most bustling – and there are people of all ages, not just young people.

A typical neon view along the Laganas during the night.

A typical neon view along the Laganas during the night.

If you like boats and the sea then you will be spoilt for choice with things to do in Zante. As Zante is an island (and a very small one at that) there is a lot of sea surrounding it and as a result there are some very interesting things to do.

A typical view from the main beach in Laganas

A typical view from the main beach in Laganas

Even if you just like to lie on the beach and sunbathe there are plenty of beautiful beaches with nice clear water and soft sand. The fact that there are no other islands very close by means that you can just see straight out to the Ionian Sea from the beach. If you look really carefully from some areas you can see Turkey in the distance.

There are also plenty of boat excursions to choose from. You can go around the entire Island of Zante in a couple of hours, which is a nice day out – particularly on a very hot day. Bring the sun cream though because you will burn out in the open sea.

You can also go and see the shipwreck, which is on the North of the Island. The ship ran aground in the early 80s after being chased by customs and has been on the beach since. It is probably one of the most profitable tourist attractions on the island of Zante but is definitely worth going to see.

You can also go a bit further out to sea and see the turtles and other marine life on a glass-bottomed boat. This never gets boring as it is a completely different experience every time. I’ve done this a few times myself now and it’s something that I try to do every year because the things you see really do take your breath away – and it only costs a few Euros to do it.

A turtle near Zante

A turtle near Zante


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I upped and left Manchester to live the life I wanted to in Zante. I come back to the UK for three months of the year in order to save some money before going back to Zante and living my dream life again as a tourist rep.

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