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Why 2015 is the best year in a long time to go to Zante

2015 is the best year in ages to go to Zante

2015 is the best year in ages to go to Zante

If you’ve decided that you’re going on holiday to Zante this year then well done you’ve made and excellent decision and I know you won’t regret it. It just so happens that 2015 is going to be one of the best years for holidaymakers going to Zante.

The Euro has reached a 7 year low against the pound, and combined with recent political events in Greece it is paving the way for cheaper holidays to both mainland Greece as well as all of the Greek islands – including Zante.

If you’re on a bit of a budget this year then you may want to book soon as you can grab an absolute bargain on the price of your holiday if you do. The majority of the public don’t start thinking about their summer holiday until the weather perks up in the UK, and this is when travel agents get busy and prices begin to rise.

At the moment they are very quiet and are offering all kinds of incentives to get people to spend their money on a holiday this time of year. Thomas Cook have lots of discount codes and some good deals on package holidays at the moment, which could mean that your holiday is going to cost around half as much as it will if you book it later on in the year.

I never used to be a fan of package holidays because when I first started to go to Zante I always found it cheaper to book my flights and hotel separately. This doesn’t seem to be the case recently though because all of the so-called low cost airlines such as Easyjet and Ryan air are charging an absolute fortune for short-haul flights – despite the price of a barrel of oil being at a 5 year low.

A friend of mine booked a 7 day break for two to Laganas at the end of January, staying at a 4 star hotel (a lovely hotel actually, called the Agrillia hotel) at the end of June this year. The total cost of the flights, half-board accommodation and transfers was only £650 for BOTH of them. This is unbelievable. This actually works out cheaper than arranging your own flights with Easyjet and then calling the hotel directly to pay for the accommodation. I’m not even sure how the travel agents do it.

Plus, if you book with one of the big players like Thomas Cook, they have their own airlines and flight transfers can afford to let their seats go for a lot less money as I suppose they are making enough money out of their commissions.

Poolside drinks at the Argilia hotel

Poolside drinks at the Argilia hotel


Welcome to my website

So welcome to my blog! I’ve just spent the past hour writing my About page so please go there if you want to find a little bit more out about me. Basically I’m In my mid 40s, live abroad on a Greek island for 3/4s of the year and don’t have a single real asset to my name – and I couldn’t be happier!

On this blog you will find out quite a lot about my life, quite a lot about Zante and a fair bit about travelling in general. Living somewhere like Zante is not very easy on a limited budget so I will also be sharing some of the tips, tricks and methods that I use in order to save money on travelling here, getting home and of course living on this magnificent island:

Laganas beach from above

Laganas beach from above


I hope you enjoy reading my blog. I would love to hear any fee back from my regular readers so if you like what you read please drop me a line or Tweet me!